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As a family we had the privilege to work and live in various countries and to travel to the most exclusive resorts and hotels around the globe. That’s how we developed our passion for architecture, design and a certain lifestyle. We learned that a great experience is most of the time built on simplicity that comes from mother nature. So, no surprise that we got passion for design by nature or better design from wood.

We are sourcing unique and quality products from countries like Brazil, Thailand, New Zealand and Indonesia. Our products are sourced and  handpicked  for its beauty by ourselves.  In our selection you will find tropical hardwood like, Kauri, Suar (Monkey pod), Teak, Tamarind, Rosewood, Mango and Pequi.

In the sourcing process we look at the environmental impact as well and prefer suppliers who are FSC certified.

Our products are not commodity products, which means we select unique and mostly oversized pieces. We always have a wide range of products in stock but we also do tailor-made assignments or searches on special request. Our customers are typically hotels, banks, private companies, interior designers and individuals with spacy houses and appreciation for a luxury lifestyle.

We run our business from a Lodge, which is located on the edge of forest, close to the royal palace ‘Het Loo’ in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Sandra van Dodewaard:  Has a Financial background and worked in an accountancy firm and for Lucent Technologies. She has raised 2 children whilst living in different countries and cultures. She has a passion for interior design, travel and other cultures.

Albert Hakkers: Had a successful international career in Human Resources Management and was a senior HR executive in companies like AT&T, Microsoft and Diageo.  He enjoys sports and being out in nature. Besides an appreciation for design & architecture he does enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle as well.