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Letter from the founders

“The beauty of wood is unmatched"

Our company is all about ’Design by Nature’. We have travelled the world and have seen the most amazing places and have learned that the combination of architecture, interior design and location will always make the difference. We were always touched by what we call sustainable design of wood, which will bring joy to us and the next generation.

There is nothing more inspirational than wood. It has a living history, it has a scent, a feel and unique shape and design. As natural material wood has distinctive features, subject to environment changes that causes variation to its colour, shape, physics and dynamic. For this reason we offer products that respect these characteristics and invite people to understand and appreciate this.

For many years we have a passion for wood. Initially we were not so aware but slowly we realized that we travelled long distances just to see a certain table or a unique piece of wooden art. During a family holiday in Bali we bought 3 coffee tables from Suar wood and all of a sudden we got into it and….. it was unstoppable…..many shipments from Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia did follow.

The potential for wood design is huge, the sourcing is an adventure and we meet up with people from all over the world we have never met before.

The foundation of our company is based on a few simple guidelines:
  • We only go for something that is unique, something we would like to have in our own house.
  • We are not interested in commodity or sales volumes but it has to be special, handpicked for its beauty.
  • In our products you will always recognise the natural features of wood.
  • We will respect nature and follow FSC standards or a local equivalent.
  • We will re-invest 10% of our profit in local charity.
  • We build our company to enjoy a lifestyle with wood for ourselves and the next generation.
We believe that our passion and intention for this business will lead us to a place that we will enjoy with many other people.

Knock on Wood!
Sandra & Albert