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We have a very exclusive Kauri collection in stock.
Kauri was sourced from the Northern Island of New Zealand and this is by far the most special wood of this world.
The wood was excavated from the swamps where it was protected and preserved by a miracle of nature for ten thousands of years.
All our Kauri tables have an age certification and our most precious table is 47.000 years old.
In our collection we have coffee tables, dining tables and conference/ boardroom tables.
Our tables are prepared in New Zealand but the finishing is done by specialised craftsmen in Italy and Germany.
In our showroom we have a special corner for Kauri, which is probably one of the biggest in Europe.
Kauri | Coffee Table - Kauri
Coffee Table - Kauri
Kauri | Dining Table - Kauri
Dining Table - Kauri
Kauri | Conference Table - Kauri
Conference Table - Kauri
Kauri | Kauri Board Room Table
Kauri Board Room Table