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Art Line

Wood and Bronze for a perfect fusion!

Wood and metal are part of the 5 elements as we can read in Chinese books of
wisdom..... It can't be coincidence that it comes together.

OXO Lodge has developed a design collection for a cross over between
functionality and art.

We are so privileged that we met Jos Dirix, a leading sculpture artist in
the Netherlands and Europe.

Jos Dirix creates sculptures in bronze and these are easily recognizable for
it's raw and expressive style that represents power in every inch.

We at OXO Lodge have a passion for large tables, which we  globally
source. Every table is one of a kind and selected for it's character and
beauty. The match with the art work of Jos is easily made.

Jos Dirix has access to our full collection and we did grant him the
liberty to pick and choose any item from our collection to develop it into a
piece of art. Jos does always put a rose somewhere in the object as symbol for beauty and passion.
Most of the times the rose is hidden but, it's definitely there.

We are convinced that our partnership with Jos will create an new  art platform
that many of our customers will  enjoy and appreciate.
Art Line | Art Line by Jos Dirix
Art Line by Jos Dirix
Art Line | Table with bronze legs
Table with bronze legs
Art Line | Bronze Turtle coffee table
Bronze Turtle coffee table