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Unique Collection

We have a unique collection of oversized tropical hardwood tables and sculptures.
We travel from Brazil to New Zealand to source and select our products. Every single item is one of a kind and handpicked by ourselves locally. In our collection we have a wide range of wood from Mango, Tamarind, Pequi, Suar, Teak, Rosewood to Kauri. We mainly source in countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand.

Quality Label

All items are shipped to our showroom.
After arrival each single item is checked and gets a finishing touch from our furniture craftsman. After his approval the products get an OXO Lodge quality label.
In our process of sourcing we always consider the social and economic environment. Therefore we prefer FSC certification or a local equivalent.

Kauri Collection
We have a very exclusive Kauri collection available in our showroom. From coffee tables to dining and conference tables. 

Art Line by Jos Dirix
We are privileged that Jos Dirix has developed an Art Line for us. In the combination of wood and bronze functionality and art are integrated.



"The Beauty of Wood is unmatched"

View our unique collection of exclusive Tables and Sculptures